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    Conflicts: New Thinking Needed

    Commentary, Features June 22, 2017 at 9:46 am 0 comments

    Commentary by Dr Rudi V. Webster In today’s complex and rapidly changing world, the need for good leadership and the efficient management of diversity and interdependence have become extremely important. This hybrid of factors promotes harmony, teamwork and operational intelligence; its absence leads to adversarial thinking, conflict, and substandard performance. […]

  • Talented players and discipline in sports

    Talented players and discipline in sports

    by Arley Gill First Published in CaribUpdate Weekly I was very impressed with the talent on display at the recent Windward Islands’ cricket tournament held in Dominica. To my mind, the Windward Volcanoes have no place in the cellar of West Indies Cricket with that abundance of talent. All four Windward […]

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    Our Endangered Values

    Commentary, Features June 3, 2017 at 12:14 pm 0 comments

    Commentary by Dr Rudi V. Webster In the last 20 years, many of the core values that were responsible for our region’s success in human development and the execution of democratic principles and practices have been in a state of steady decline. In fact, many of them are now in […]

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    Congratulations to Team West Indies but!!

    by Lingham Samuel It has been a long time since cricket fans in the Caribbean have had so much to celebrate; all in one day. April 3rd was indeed memorable as the West Indies Senior (male and female) Twenty20 teams won the World Cup in that format. Across the region […]

  • The Caribbean’s lost decade(s) in sport

    The Caribbean’s lost decade(s) in sport

    Commentary, Features, Olympics, Summer Olympics April 10, 2016 at 5:51 pm 0 comments

    by Carole Beckford When one thinks of a list professional athletes from the Caribbean, Jamaican, Lindy Delapenha comes to mind as one of the pioneers. It has been widely reported that he was the first Jamaican ever to play professional football in the UK. He served in the British army […]

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