by Betty-Ann Lazarus
ST GEORGE’S, Grenada, June 9, 2010 – The effectiveness of Grenada’s representatives abroad and the role they play in national development were again highlighted on Tuesday, June 8.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lana Mc Phail, handed over supplies valued at over US$16,000 to two other ministries. They were the Ministries of Sports and Social Development.
More than 21 boxes of pillows, bedspreads, sheets, shower curtains and linens for senior citizens nationwide were donated to the Social Development Ministry headed by Hon. Sylvester Quarless.
Among items donated to the Sports Ministry for the nation’s athletes were four boxes of gear consisting of over 150 pairs of track pants and sweat shirts.
The donations are the culmination of a process that began with a visit to the country earlier this year by Grenada’s Consul General in New York, Derrick James.
While here, Mr James held discussion with Hon. Quarless, focusing on the wellbeing of senior citizens. On his return to New York, the Consul General raised the issue with Grenadians living there and made a plea for help.
The result was the gifts presented Tuesday to Social Development and to the Sports Ministry of Hon. Patrick Simmons.
The supplies to the Ministry of Social Development will be distributed to institutions and individuals identified as being in “dire need,’’ said Mrs Sandra Thomas, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry.
Media attaché to the New York Mission, Michael Bascombe, was instrumental in coordinating the Sports Ministry donation that was presented to Permanent Secretary, Veda Bruno-Victor.
She complimented the swiftness with which Consul General James and Mr. Bascombe responded to the needs of the nation’s sports people. “Our Athletes do well when they look well, and we are looking forward to great achievements in the London 2012 Olympics,’’ Mrs Bruno-Victor said.
Permanent Secretary Mc Phail said the Foreign Ministry is proud to be the medium through which the needs of a number of other Ministries are met.
She praised the hard work of Consul General James, officials of the Diaspora Desk, and individual Grenadians overseas, for contributing positively to the request for assistance.


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