ST GEORGE’S, December 5, 2017 – The Grenada Cricket Association (GCA) on Monday announced a 13-member squad to participate in the 2017 WINLOTT-sponsored Windward Islands Under-15 cricket tournament to be held in St Vincent and the Grenadines from December 10-17.

The tournament, to played on a round-robin basis, sees Grenada playing the other three teams twice over an eight-day period.

Grenada finished second in the last competition which was held in Grenada.

The team is coached by Clyde Telesford with Johnson Richardson serving as Team Manager.

The full squad reads:

  1. Divonie Joseph (Captain)
  2. Mavon Carmichael
  3. Devin Tyson
  4. Donte Williams
  5. Jadon Joseph
  6. Jahiem Brathwaite
  7. Jerel Jeremiah
  8. Kellis Andrew
  9. Kelshon Andrews
  10. Kervyn Gangadeen
  11. Mahid Lambert
  12. Teeon Charles
  13. Tyrique John

Players’ Bio

First Name  Surname DOB Style Parish Represented School
Divonie Joseph 17/09/2004 L/H Batsman (Captain) St Patrick MDC
Jahiem Braithwaite 11/02/2004 L/H Batsman St Davids SDCSS
Kervyn Gangadeen 16/10/2004 L/H Batsman/ Off Break St Marks SMSS
Teeon Charles 7/11/2003 R/H Batsman St Andrew Mt Rose
Kellis Andrew 29/04/2004   Carriacou HSS
Jerel Jeremiah 22/11/2004 L/H Batsman St Andrew PBC
Donte Williams 29/04/2004 R/H Batsman/ Off Spinner St George PBC
Mahid Lambert 10/12/2004 R/H Batsman St David SDCSS
Tyrique John 8/11/2003 R/H Off Spinner St Patrick Mt Rose
Marvon Carmichael 20/01/2004 R/H Pacer St George PBC
Devin Tyson 7/08/2005 R/H Pacer St Andrew Mt Rose
Kelshon Andrews 19/04/2004 R/H Pacer St Patrick MDC
Jadon Joseph 9/05/2004 Off Spinner St Patrick MDC



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