GNBA Executive/Photo B Swan

GNBA Executive/Photo B Swan

by Michael Bascombe

ST GEORGE’S, June 27, 2015 – Basketballers in Grenada have elected a new executive to run the affairs of the sport on the island, and former national player Gerard St Cyr has been given the mandate to lead the Grenada National Basketball Association (GNBA).

The new executive was elected at a meeting at the National Stadium on Saturday and this follows many attempts over the years to reorganise basketball in Grenada.

St Cyr will now lead the GNBA for the next four years. His vice president is Justin Hazzard, also a former national player. The General Secretary is Ryan Joseph, the Treasurer is Rondell Johnson and Kester Elcock is the Technical Director.

Basketball is still played extensively in Grenada, especially in the schools and some organised leagues supported by the business community. However, there hasn’t been an organised national league for several years due to a dysfunctional national association. Saturday’s meeting followed many attempts to reorganise the GNBA.

Hazzard said that the main focus of the new executive is the development of the sport island-wide.

“We have not met yet as an executive but one of our most immediate plan is to create a new image for the sport of basketball on the island and when I say that I mean getting back the trust of the general public and the business sector,” he told GrenadaSports.

In his pre-election action plan for the GNBA, Elcock tabled among other things, the rorganising of national tournaments including a primary school tournament and the setting up and maintaining of the parish leagues.

He said that talent recognition and participation in regional tournaments in different age groups are also among medium term plans.

Photo Caption of Grenada National Basketball Association Executive: left to right- Gerard St. Cyr – President, Justin Hazard – Vice President, Ryan Joseph – General Secretary, Rondell Johnson – Treasurer, Kester Elcock – Technical Director


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