Andrea St Bernard/File Photo

Andrea St Bernard/File Photo

ST GEORGE’S, October 28, 2016 – The Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC) is continuing an effort to reorganise the administration of Taekwondo in Grenada.

The GOC is hoping this weekend to conclude the process of normalising the operations of the sport on the island.

A meeting is scheduled for the Olympic Office on Woolwich Road, St George’s on Saturday, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and there are many practitioners in Grenada.

However, there isn’t a functioning national body that could represent all participants and thus there has been no international participation since 2012 when Andrea St Bernard represented Grenada at the London Olympic Games.

GOC’s Vice President, Ralph James said: “Since then there have been individuals participating in the sport but no national representations.

At Saturday’s meeting, we want everyone to recognise the need to come together under one body – the Grenada Taekwondo Association, where there is one executive, under one leadership.”

“There is the need to consider short term and long term plans on how to take the sport forward. What are the development plans of the sport, what are the possibilities of representation at the next Olympic Games and the long-term plans for the overall development of the sport? There are several clubs existing but there is a lack of leadership,” said James.

James said that the GOC is willing to provide the technical support to assist the Taekwondo fraternity but there must be a proper structure.

Taekwondo has been an Olympic sport since 2000, under the governance of the World Taekwondo Federation.


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