Youth Footballersby Michael Bascombe

ST GEORGE’S, September 21, 2014 (GrenadaSports) – The Prime Minister of Grenada is unhappy with the operation of some national sporting organisations in Grenada and warns that government would not provide resources to support a bureaucracy.

Dr Keith Mitchell, in an interview with GrenadaSports and responding to Government’s budgetary allocation to sports amid an economic squeeze, said that sporting organisations need to get their act together.

“The problem I have Michael, is that the government can always do more in all aspects, as you mentioned there are limitations but they can do more and let’s accept that,” he said.

“But even if the government puts a pile of money into sports and the organisation involved is not up to it, is not organised, they don’t have the vision, if the vision is not there you might just find as you’ve seen where resources are made available to local institutions in sports over the years and this is not an accusation against anyone and that’s why I’m not afraid to say it.”

“What the money has been used for? Many times it’s used to support a bureaucracy. Where is the serious investment in the talent of our people?” questions Dr Mitchell.

His comments came as there are reports of internal strife among the executive members of the Grenada Football Association (GFA).

He said that programmes at schools and clubs form an integral part of the development of sports and encourages the investment of resources in these areas.

“Where are the clubs? So we have to go back there. In other words, the money we’re accessing from international organisations like CONCACAF and others we must invest it in schools, in school programmes. We’ve to start with young people because that’s where the action is,” he said.

Dr Mitchell said that government needs the cooperation of the sporting organisations for the effective implementation of the National Sports Policy.

The Policy, which was enacted into law in 2012, is intended to provide a framework for the development of sport in Grenada and also to guide the relationship between the Ministry of Sports and all other stakeholders involved in sport in Grenada.

“I agree that we have to get aggressive,” he said in response to the lack of implementation of the policy by his government.

“But I add this proviso. If the government goes forward and insist with the implementation it needs the cooperation of the individual organisations and if it doesn’t get it we’ll not succeed.”

“But the government has to lead and I accept that fact that we need to do more in that area (national sports policy),” said Dr Mitchell.

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