Damion Daniel

Damion Daniel

by Michael Bascombe

ST GEORGE’S, October 5, 2016 – The Grenada Bodybuilding team members are still stranded on the island of Curacao following their participation in the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Championships in the Dominican Republic.

Champion bodybuilder Damion Daniel and Team Manager Cecil Mitchell arrived in Curacao on Monday enroute to Grenada via Trinidad but will have to spend at least another day on the Dutch island off the South American coast.

Tyrone James, the other Grenadian competitor, returned to Bermuda, where he resides, following the championship.

“It’s very frustrating for us, especially Damion who has a special diet,” Mitchell told GrenadaSports.

“It’s becoming an expensive and unnecessary stay with too many uncertainties.”

The Grenadians were relieved when they boarded an Intel Air flight for Trinidad at 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday but shortly before landing at Piarco International Airport they were advised that the plane will be returning to Curacao.

“We don’t know what are the problems but they (airline) said that there is a problem and we can’t land and returning to Curacao,” said Mitchell.

“We have our suspicions since there are people in the same hotel who said they have been waiting for a flight to Trinidad since last Thursday. There is something more that the airline is not telling us.”

Daniel won the heavyweight category while James copped the second position in the Men’s Physique Class which concluded early Sunday morning.

Daniel, a constable in the Royal Grenada Police Force, is a member of the security detail of Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell.


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