Dwain Gill - GCA President

Dwain Gill – GCA President

by Michael Bascombe

ST GEORGE’S, September 25, 2014 (GrenadaSports) – More than 400 cricketers are expected to participate in the National Twenty20 Cricket Tournament organised by the Grenada Cricket Association (GCA).

President of the GCA, Dwain Gill said that 32 teams comprising of 15 players each will participate in the tournament scheduled to begin during the first week of November.

The GCA will also stage its long-awaited Awards Ceremony in January 2015 where the association plans to present lifetime awards to persons who have made significant contribution to the game of the cricket in Grenada.

“We haven’t done this for quite some time now and we believe that we ought to honour our present players, coaches, journalists and administrators and so on,” said Gill.

“And we also want to honour those who have done a lot for cricket in the past. So we’re going to announce the names of four persons who we’re going to recognise for their contribution to cricket over a number of years.”

Gill said that the GCA wants to build on the accomplishments this year including the Grenada-leg of the Dhaka Bank Cup Series between West Indies and Bangladesh.

“The report from the WICB (West Indies Cricket Board) is that the Grenada-leg has been one of the best out of Grenada in years and in fact leading in the Caribbean at this time. We want to build on that. We’re having England next year and the planning has already begun for that England series.”

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