Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell

by Michael Bascombe

ST GEORGE’S, September 25, 2014 (GrenadaSports) – The Grenada Government may engage the St George’s University (SGU) to implement a sports programme at the institution for young athletes who intend to stay in Grenada and study.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, in an interview with GrenadaSports, said that government would consider providing more assistance to sportsmen and women, who want to study, train and compete at home. He said that the completion of the national athletics and football stadium will provide improved facilities for athletes to train.

“I think we need to engage the St George’s University much more than we’ve done in that area,” said Dr Mitchell in response to a suggestion for sporting programmes at local tertiary institutions.

“I think it’s a good suggestion and I think based on my understanding of the St George’s University’s leadership that I believe they will welcome this,” he said.

“And I believe they won’t mind investing some serious resources alongside government in ensuring that we can maximise the potential of the students who attend St George’s University and the lifting of the sporting activities in the country as a whole, using of course the international connection of the St George’s University.”

A state-of-the-art stadium complex, adjacent to the cricket stadium, is under construction in Grenada and due for completion in August 2015.

SGU hosted the first cricket academy in the West Indies in January 2001 under the directorship of Dr Rudi Webster. The Shell Cricket Academy of St George’s University started as part of the West Indies Cricket Board’s development plan.

SGU has students and educators from around the world with more than 1,100 students from the Caribbean including Grenada currently enrolled in the University. There are also scores of junior sportsmen and women who are pursuing undergraduate degrees at SGU.

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