Roystan LaHee - GOC President

Roystan LaHee – GOC President

by Michael Bascombe/GrenadaSports

ST GEORGE’S, November 7, 2013 (GrenadaSports) – National sporting associations, affiliated to the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC), could expect more assistance in 2014, according to the President of the GOC, Roystan LaHee.

La Hee, who was re-elected last May for another four-year term, has said that the GOC will make a greater effort into assisting the local sporting associations, especially in the area of equipment.

In an interview with GrenadaSports, LaHee says the GOC will also ensure that affiliates are functioning properly and has already assigned responsibilities to members of the new executive.

“We have been looking at programmes, working with associations and ensure that the associations and federations affiliated with us (GOC) are functioning properly. We’ve assigned responsibilities to the members of the new executive to work with these various federations and associations and to ensure that everybody comes up to scratch in terms of administration. We are looking to provide assistance to associations in terms of funding for equipment,” he said.

LaHee said that as a result of the concern about the proper functioning of some associations, a special request was made to Olympic Solidarity for assistance especially netball and cricket.

“In our request to Olympic Solidarity late last year, one of the requests was for assistance to associations with non-Olympic sports like netball and so on, and they agreed to the proposal. So hopefully we will assist netball and cricket with more funding.”

The GOC boss admitted that not all associations have been receiving equal assistance since some sporting activities require more resources.

“We have been giving a lot of help to the various associations, probably not as equally as everybody because some associations like track & field takes more money and that’s the only avenue where you feel you can get more recognition easier than you would in Taekwondo, for instance,” LaHee said.

He said that the GOC is hoping to field a strong team at the Commonwealth Games in 2014, with participation in track & field, boxing and swimming under consideration.

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