After one week, local sporting fans have nominated their favourite sporting personalities, teams and associations for 2013.

The voting process is now open to select the winners in the various categories. (ONE VOTE PER CATEGORY- DUPLICATES ARE TRACKED AND WILL BE DELETED)

Following the votes, a panel will review and authenticate the submissions and the winners will be published here on Friday December 6, 2013.

Voting will close on Wednesday December 4, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Caribbean Time.

GrenadaSports takes this opportunity to thank you for your support during 2013 as we continue to highlight and profile our sporting personalities.

We believe the contribution of our administrators, coaches, volunteers and others are equally important and must also be recognised in whatever way possible. To all the nominees, we salute you!

Here is what some fans have been saying about some of the nominees:

Coach of the Year (Female):

Mrs. Barbara Simpson – QPR and Anglican High School Coach winning three titles and placing second.

Patricia Noel – (Grenville Secondary School Physical Education Teacher)

Coach of the Year (Male):

Franklyn ‘Nat’ Simpson – Coach, Happy Hill Secondary School to victory; Under 17 women football team; FUTGOF women in Waggy-T.

Developing School of the Year:

Grenada Christian Academy at Pearls, St Andrew, I think this school is most developing school because they won the secondary school under 15 cricket, they made it to the finals last year and this year is their second year participating in the secondary school football tournament and won the under 16, they also doing well in the athletics they won the national cross country and the half marathon in the female category (Kellieann Alexander) and also got an award for best netballer in the junior category. The school is doing very good in sports and only existed 4 years going onto their fifth.

Sportswoman of the Year:

OREOLUWA CHEREBIN (Swimmer) got 11 gold medals at OECS 2013, five age-group trophies including one at Barbados Aquatic Invitational. Set 4 OECS records this year and national record. CARIFTA FINALIST, and Overall, age group and first place Annual invitational Cross Harbour 2013. At school she is an A student.

School of the Year:

Grenada Christian Academy – because they won both junior cricket and football competitions.

Student Athlete of the Year (Female):

Kellieann Alexander from the Grenada Christian Academy, won the national cross country, half marathon and best netballer in the junior category.

Oreoluwa Cherebin – An A student, President of The Knowledge Club in her school. OECS High point, age group and trophy winner with 11 gold medals out of 11 races and broke 4 OECS records. Received the age group trophy and made national record at the Barbados Aquatic Invitational. CAFIFTA fifth place finalist. First place and age group trophies at Grenada’s Annual Cross Harbour. Represented Grenada at an international Meet in Barcelona.

Student Athlete of the Year (Male):

Delron Felix – A student, 7 OECS records, 8 gold medals, CARIFTA SILVER MEDALIST.

Keymal Williams – he has always done himself and the nation proud both academically and in the sporting arena. He is well rounded student athlete.

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