Kirani James in Glasgow

Kirani James in Glasgow

by Michael Bascombe

TUSCALOOSA, AL, August 8, 2014 (GrenadaSports) – Kirani James believes he could have produced a faster time in winning the Men’s 400 metres at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last week.

James, who copped Grenada’s first ever gold medal at the Commonwealth Games, ran unchallenged to win the title in a new games record of 44.24 seconds, in cool and windy conditions.

“If the conditions were more conducive, if it was a bit warmer then there is a huge possibility that it might have happened,” he told GrenadaSports.

“But nothing is guaranteed, you still have to work hard for it, you still have to take the event as serious as possible.” James has been constantly questioned about attempting American Michael Johnson’s world record of 43.18. However, he has repeatedly brushed aside the topic.

James, who also won Grenada’s first ever Olympic medal at the London Games in 2012, said that he is always honoured to represent his country.

“I am honoured to win Grenada’s first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games,” he said. Alleyne Francique, another quarter-miler became Grenada’s first medallist when he claimed silver in Melbourne in 2006.

James also praised his coach and mentor Harvey Glance for guiding him through triumphs and tribulations.

“He (Harvey Glance) has been an excellent coach and most importantly he has been an excellent mentor to me in terms of his views not just on athletics but life also and what he went through. He teaches me lots of stuff about life and to deal with certain situations.”

James also indicated his interest in running the 4x400m relay for Grenada.

“If they need me, then of course,” he said when asked about the relay. “Every chance you get to represent your country and for me it’s an honour. So it’s something I will never turn down. Once everything is in place, everybody is on the same page but unfortunately things happen that we can’t do anything about,” referring to the decision to withdraw Grenada’s 4x400m relay team from competition at the Commonwealth Games after Rondell Bartholomew suffered an injury during warm-up.

Grenada finished with two medals – James’ gold and a bronze medal from Kurt Felix in the Decathlon.


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