Triston Brookes/Photo Iain Colpitts

Triston Brookes/Photo Iain Colpitts

by Iain Colpitts/Mississauga News

MISSISSAUGA, June 19, 2015 – Growing up, Triston Brookes admits he got into a lot of trouble, bouncing around from school to school in Mississauga and getting suspended multiple times.

“Nobody wanted to deal with me because they thought I was this ADHD kid who was hyperactive,” said Brookes, now 21. “As a matter of fact, I went to seven different schools and they wanted me to take ritalin in order to be at the school.”

It turns out he just needed some avenue to channel all of his energy into, and that was boxing.

Once he was introduced to boxing, he was hooked.

“I knew I had a passion for it and I knew I loved it,” he said. “I started attending a gym and I went there every single day. I just grew from there.”

He grew into an elite-level amateur, eligible to compete for both Canada and Grenada, where both of his parents are from.

Currently ranked second in Ontario in the 75-kilogram weight class, Brookes had his sights set on earning a spot on Team Canada for the 2015 Pan Am Games, but suffered a separated shoulder last summer in the Golden Gloves finals that kept him out of action for five months.

However, he still has a shot at representing Grenada at the 2016 Olympics with a strong performance at the Caribbean Cup later this year.

Asked whether he’d prefer competing for Canada or Grenada, Brookes was indecisive.

“They’re both beautiful countries,” he said.

“I love Canada and I grew up here my whole life, but I also want to make my family proud and the family I have home in Grenada too. There’s no country I love more (than the other).”

Brookes is now an instructor at Battle Arts Academy on Tomken Road near Eglinton Avenue. He works mostly with children, many of whom he says remind him of himself when he was younger.

“Every kid has a piece about them that I can relate to,” he said. “They all listen to me and do what they have to do when it comes to boxing. They have a lot of energy and they look up to me.”


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