Dr Mitchell addressing media in DominicaST GEORGE’S, September 21, 2016 – Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has joined the chorus calling for more media coverage of local sports.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Dr Mitchell appealed for more coverage of sporting activities across the island.

“I just want to call on the press. I don’t think you’re doing enough to promote the sporting activities in the country,” he said.

“I know there are a lot of excellent tournaments and initiatives done in many parts of the country. I think we concentrate a lot of times on St George’s but if you go out to St John’s, you go to St Patrick’s, you go to Victoria, you go to Carriacou, you go to St Andrew’s, St David’s you’ll see a lot of initiative by people on their own, not with government and they don’t get any promotion.”

He said the media have a responsibility to give credit to local sportsmen and women, noting that government also needs to do more.

“But I just want to call on the press to see sports as one of the major areas. I know a lot of time you concentrate on the politics but sometimes give sports a little more attention, sometimes I could do with a little less,” he said.


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