Sports ClubST GEORGE’S, November 21, 2014 – Efforts are ongoing to restructure and formalise High Potential Sports Club (HPSC) in St Andrew.

The decision was taken following a meeting of interested persons on Thursday.

The participants agreed to set up a steering committee which will organise the club and recruit members. They will target the communities in St Andrew and schools especially primary schools.

One of the key components of High Potential Sports Club will be a support mechanism where members will receive mentorship and educational tutoring.

The first scheduled activity for HPSC is a road race on Sunday December 14. It starts in Grenville to Carriman’s Junction (Mount Carmel) and ends in Grenville.

The club will also assist in the planning of the 2015 Eastern Games including the participation of a representative team.

While the immediate focus will be on track and field, HPSC will also expand to include football, netball, basketball and cricket.

The interim committee is headed by Eric Donald (Technical) and Patrick Simmons (Administrative). The other members include Maggie Steele (Secretary), Livingston Nelson (Public Relations Officer) and Carol Evans and Shaka James (Floor Members).

Interested persons can contact High Potential Sports Club via email


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