Rondell Bartholomew

Rondell Bartholomew/File Photo

by Michael Bascombe

BATON ROUGE, LA, April 10, 2016 – Almost a year after his last track competition Rondell Bartholomew is confident that he is fully ready for a full season of racing.

The Grenadian quarter-miler has been hampered by injury and has not been on the international circuit since 2011, although he featured in some low-level meets.

Bartholomew clocked 21.89(w) seconds in the 200 metres at the Battle on the Bayou in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Saturday. It was his first competitive meet since May 2015 when he also competed in a 200m following a four-year hiatus due to injury.

He was on target to win the first of four timed finals but lost his balance on the curve and crossed into another lane.

But despite the mishap Bartholomew felt elated about his form and potential on Saturday.

“I felt really good, although not a great time,” he told GrenadaSports. “It wasn’t what it should have been but it’s a work in progress.”

“I felt great coming out of the blocks and I executed what I intended to do,” he said.

Bartholomew believes because he caught up with most of the field he tried to accelerate and lost control and stumbled from lane four into lane three.

“I made up the grounds on everyone over the first 100m and was in position to run really fast but I just leaned a bit too much on the curve and fell into another lane and it was impossible to run back from there so I just ran through to the finish line.”

He said that his main focus was not on time, although he was targeting a good finish, but rather on his technique.

“I was surprised how I felt before, during and after the race. I have some time now to get ready for another meet in about two weeks,” he said.

The former CARIFTA Games gold medallist made numerous attempts to return to competition but admits that while he was hard at training he was fearful of injury.

“Now I could go to training and train how I need to because I was holding back just to stay healthy.”

Bartholomew also indicated his readiness to team up with other national athletes to compete in the 4x400m relay.

“I’m always down to run. Right now I think I’m in good shape to run, so it’s just putting the team together,” he said.

However, there has been no official word from Grenada about a 4x400m relay team for the 2016 season.


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