File Photo: Rondell Bartholomew during training in Florida in 2014/Janice Kunitsugu

File Photo: Rondell Bartholomew during training in Florida in 2014/Janice Kunitsugu

by Michael Bascombe

NEW YORK, May 12, 2015 – Despite being sidelined for four frustrating years due to a hamstring injury Rondell Bartholomew is confident of an imminent return to competitive track.

It’s not the first time the Grenadian quarter-miler announced his return to competition but it’s the first time he has spoken openly about the frustrating period and his preparations for competition. His confidence was boosted when he competed in a 200m race two weekends ago.

“I have been training but unfortunately in 2012 I tore my hamstring, it was very bad,” he told GrenadaSports in an interview.

“2013 I started to run again but then my body couldn’t handle the pressure. I guess I didn’t take care of the injury properly and I hurt my leg again.”

Bartholomew, a former NJCAA 400m champion,  withdrew from the London 2012 Olympic Games due to the injury and with assistance from the Grenada Olympic Committee flew to Germany to undergo treatment with renowned German Sports Doctor Hans Muller. He also pulled out of competing at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland last summer due to injury.

“The only motivation that kept me going is because I want to be the best and I know to myself that I think I could be the best just by my work ethic and I don’t believe that only talent could get one that far but I also work pretty hard and I stay focus,” he said.

Bartholomew, who turned 25 in April, admitted that the accomplishments of fellow Grenadians Kirani James and Bralon Taplin helped in his motivation.

Following the IAAF World Championships in Daegu in 2011 where James won the 400 metres gold and Bartholomew finished sixth, James added Olympic and Commonwealth Games’ gold medals and Taplin surged to NCAA prominence with collegiate-leading times.

“It’s a big motivation. Bralon, who competed with me at South Plains, has elevated his game to another level and Kirani, who I competed against in Grenada, has also taken his game to another level and that’s people I competed with and I know once they improve and I improve also. It’s going to be three good guys and it’s who wants it the most and at the end of the day I don’t know if they want it more than me. When the gun goes every man for himself and whoever wants it the most will have to take the lead and take the race.”

However, he explained that this is not a challenge but just expressing his hunger for competition following this long layoff.

“It’s not directly a challenge to Kirani or Bralon because they are not the only two guys that will be in the race,” he said.

Listen to full interview with Rondell Bartholomew


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