Submitted by Bruce Swan

The second race of the Secondary School Cross Country took place Saturday, 20 October, 2007 at La Sagesse, St. David’s. The race left La Sagesse playing field through Corinth, The Marines back through Corinth and finished on the playing field.

The race which was approximately a mile shorter than the previous one set the tone for a high pace competitive event. This is what fans, coaches and organisers witnessed. Athletes poured in large groups with a sprint to finish to gain valuable points for their school. The top two girls finished 16 seconds apart while the top two boys finished 20 seconds apart.

This up tempo cross country shuffled the normal team position. In the girls team event defending champion SDCSS (3rd) was upset by SJC-Grenville (1st) and GSS (2nd). In the Boys Division defending champion GSS (1st) was able to hold off MDC (2nd) and SDCSS (3rd) to win for the second week running.

The top two finishers in last week’s girls’ race shuffled as Rhea Charles (SDCSS) defeated her colleague Antonia Wilson for the top spot. Rhea finished in 27:20.00. Lucinda Roberts (GSS) finished 3rd. Reon Radix (TAMCC) ran the course in 23:39.30 to finish 1st for the second week. He was challenged by Chad Issac – GSS (2nd) and Rondell Batholemew – MDC (3rd).

Eighty-four (84) girls and 77 boys participated in Saturday’s cross country. The 3rd and final preliminary cross country takes place at Victoria St. Mark’s saturday 27 October, 2007 at 3:00pm.

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