Fortuna Belrose - St Lucia Voice

Fortuna Belrose – St Lucia Voice

by Ryan O’Brian

CASTRIES, ST LUCIA, October 27, 2014 – The Saint Lucia Olympic Committee (SLOC), in its quest to support and develop emerging athletes, has approved three scholarships to young athletes on the road to the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

During its Annual General Meeting, held at the Palm Haven Hotel last week, President of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee Fortuna Belrose disclosed that  the three athletes are Jordon Augier from Swimming, Makeba Alcide from Track and Field and Stephanie Lovell from Sailing.

Additionally, Belrose noted that over the last year, the SLOC had at least 30 coaches trained and up skilled.

“We can safely confirm that most, if not all of these coaches are currently active and involved in their communities and Federations. We will continue to monitor them through you our affiliates and provide support where necessary for continuous upgrading of their skills,” she said.

She urged national Federations to have the right quality personnel to lead their organisations.

“Over the next year the NOC will be placing strategic focus on leadership of the organisations to ensure that Good Governance and management practices are at the fore of the organisations,” Belrose disclosed.

She was of the opinion that National Sports Federations are an excellent training ground for young leaders.

“As part of preparation fro Commonwealth Youth Games 2017 a number of young people are being trained in various aspects of event management and administration and we trust that the associations, particularly the organizations that need to expand their capacity can work with the Volunteers Coordinator for CYG 2017 to prepare some young people to be of service to your organisations not only for the Games but long after the Games are gone,” she told member Federations of the SLOC.

Added Belrose: “Sports presents excellent opportunity for the development of our young and future leaders and we must look to institute systems that will allow for growth and interest in the management of our organisations.”

Ryan O’Brian is the Public Relations Officer of the St Lucia Olympic Committee


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