George 'Goaty' Robinson

George ‘Goaty’ Robinson

Commentary by George ‘Goaty’ Robinson

Disbelief and disappointment were the order of the day for the many Kirani James’ fans who were anticipating a Super Carnival 2013 with the Festivities culminating with a Euphoric Red, Green and Gold carnival style ‘Kiranicade’ descending onto the Town of Gouyave Carnival Tuesday evening.

This was not to be as Grenadians and the rest of the world unbelievingly witnessed a La Shawn Merritt show and a way below par performance from the only one capable of challenging him given the form he is in.

Undoubtedly it was a bad day at the office for Kirani. One would expect that those involved in his management and training have already put this behind them and continue to focus on what he is capable of achieving given his career achievements thus far.

We the fans must appreciate that at the age of 20 Kirani has successfully won all Major Global Age Category Titles ranging from World Youth champion to Olympic Champion. Our expectations of this special talented and gifted athlete need to be tempered. It would have been great to add another global title in his first year as a senior but that was not to be. Kirani’s goals I imagine would include participation in at least another two Olympic Games and three World Championships seriously challenging the world record during that period.

If we look at greater achievers over the distance the likes of LaShawn Merritt, who over the past five years produced sub 44secs marks with his peak performance of 43.74 coming at the age of 27 and most likely looking to add at least one more Global Title to his two World Championships and one Olympic Titles.

Also the achievements of Michael Johnson the greatest 400m runner of all times who was undefeated in all Major Global Competitions between 1993 and 2000 whose sub 45sec career began at age 23. His World Record time of 43.18 set one month short of his 32nd birthday and a career which include two Olympic and four World Championship Titles. These are good targets for any young and talented athlete to aim for and we believe that Kirani is well poised to reach if not surpass them.

There is really no need for regrets. We wish Kirani, his management team and all involved continued success in the future. With proper management, good health and most important encountering and recognising God’s presence in their daily lives all goals set will be achieved.

Opinion Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of GrenadaSports.


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